There are just some projects around the house that the average Joe should probably not attempt. If you were listening earlier in the week, I commented on all of the pictures of people's fireplaces I saw online that were fired up for the first time over the cold weekend.

I about had a cow when I saw all the different ways that people had installed them in their homes. These things were an accident waiting to happen. Too close to the wall, no nonflammable barriers between the stove and wall, the wrong pipe with many bends in it, it was crazy. Not to mention the pipes and chimneys were probably not cleaned since last year.

Why Some Fireplaces Smoke
Credit: FarmCraft101 via Youtube

You can't afford a mistake there.

You can attempt other things with less dire consequences. Plumbing, for one, is not that difficult, and if things leak you can always shut the water off. Electrical things like lights or dimmer switches are not tough and the breakers are there to protect you and your work. For things like shelves, a little sheetrock repair, or a new cabinet, anyone can do that.

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It may not look as good as a professional, but you can try and learn. But folks fire is something you can't gamble with. Once the fire starts it's not like you can turn a valve or flip a breaker. Like brakes on your car, if you don't know what you're doing you better let someone else do it for you.

I have jobs that I'm not good at either so when you need it done right call someone who knows, and maybe they can at least steer you in the right direction.

Take a look at some common problems with fireplaces:

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