Which State Has The Best Tippers?

Tipping is a very hot button topic lately . It seems any purchase you make these days asks you if you'd like to make a tip.

So, we wondered when it comes tipping, who actually are the better tippers in America, Californians or Montanans?

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Which State Has The Worst Tippers?

I remember while growing up and going out to eat, my parents would tell me that it was customary to tip 10% no matter what.

You could go over, but that was for good service.

It was a rule I followed for years.

Today it seems that number has increased to 15% or even 20% right off the bat.

It's no surprise then to see people turn into Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs.


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People haven't completely given up on tipping, however, and some states still tip very generously.

For example Delaware is the top tipping state in the nation, tipping on average 21.8% every time.

So what about Montana and our arch rival California? What is the average tip that we're both giving out.

Up first, the best state in America, Montana.

A road sign that just says "Montana"

When it comes to residents of The Last Best Place, we're not to far off from Delaware.

According to the website Money we, on average, tip 20.1%.

That puts us at #15.

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Now lets move to California and see their ranking.

A road sign that says "California"

When it comes to California, is anyone surprised that they are the absolute WORST tippers in America?

On average California residents tip a measly 17.5% putting them at #50.

It's not even close either as Washington comes in at #49 and they tip 18.2%

It's just one more reason why Montana is better than California.

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