Montana Residents Warned About Peer To Peer Scam

I have honestly lost track of how many articles I have written about new scams targeting people in Montana.

It always seems to be the most vulnerable who are the primary targets of these scams as well.

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A scammer in a black balaclava holds money and a credit card

Scammers Are Targeting Money Transferring Apps

Are you like millions of people who have started to use money-transfer apps such as Venmo, Cash App, or Paypal?

Then you are opening yourself up to being a potential victim of this newest scam that has the American Bankers Association putting out an alert.

There are a few ways scammers are targeting their victims with these money-transfer apps, but we're going to focus on one that has been making the rounds lately.

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A scammer whose face is covered by shadows sits behind a laptop

How This Peer To Peer Scam Is Stealing Money From Montana Bank Accounts

This scam starts off innocently enough; randomly, you'll get some money deposited into your Venmo account.

The scammer will then contact you, saying that it was a "mistake" and asking that you send the money back.

The problem is, the money most likely was stolen to begin with, and Venmo themselves say to not return the money and directly contact them if this happens to you.

Your best bet to not get scammed is to only interact with people you know and always contact the app directly if you are in doubt.

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