What's The Most Dangerous Job In Montana?

About the worst injury I could get at my job is carpal tunnel syndrome.

That injury pales in comparison to the injuries within the most dangerous job in Montana, one that sees 33 fatal injuries each year.

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If you were to guess the most dangerous job in Montana, I'd wager most of you would think a police officer or perhaps firefighter.

We know about and hear about the injuries and lives lost when it comes to those jobs, but you'd be wrong in your guess.

No, the job that's the most dangerous in Montana is one that unless you know someone who does it for a living you might not even think about.

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The website 24/7 Wall St has come up with the 23 most dangerous jobs for 2023.

The career that tops their list is an industry that was at it's peak in the 80s and 90s, but to this day is still important to the Montana economy.

Have you figured out what career it is we're talking about?

See the full list of the 23 most dangerous jobs in 2023 below. 👇

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A Faller Is Montana's Most Dangerous Job

Faller, Lumberjack, Logger all different names for what is the most dangerous job for both America and Montana.

Here's the stats according to 24/7 Wall St,

> Fatal work injury rate (2021): 589.3 per 100,000
> Fatal work injuries (2021): 33
> Common cause of fatal injury: Contact with machine or object (such as a log)
> Non-fatal injuries (2020): 40 (714.3 per 100,000)
> Total employed (2021): 5,600

There are quite a few jobs in Montana that make the list of most dangerous.

See them all in the gallery below. 👇

The Top 23 Most Dangerous Jobs In America for 2023

Thanks to 24/7 Wall St here are the 23 most dangerous jobs in 2023.

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