It's crazy to think about, but the holidays are already knocking at our doorstep.

I usually avoid holiday shopping before Black Friday like the plague; however, this year, I'm seriously considering getting a head start.

And it turns out I'm not the only one thinking about holiday shopping already and the stresses associated with it.

A recent survey by the New York Federal Reserve reveals that nearly 60 percent of Americans are anxious about their ability to access credit as banks adopt stricter approval criteria.

Simultaneously, there's a significant shift in holiday shopping habits, with more individuals planning to start their shopping early due to concerns about inflation, financial stress, and societal pressure.

Credit Access Concerns

  • The New York Federal Reserve's August survey highlights a decade-high concern: 60 percent of respondents find it increasingly challenging to secure loans, credit cards, and mortgages.
  • Factors contributing to this include cautious lenders responding to economic shifts, rising interest rates, and a more stringent regulatory environment.

Early Holiday Shopping

  • A Bankrate survey reveals a surprising trend: nearly half of respondents intend to start holiday shopping well in advance.
  • Key motivators include worries about inflation, financial stress tied to holiday expenses, and pressure to overspend during the season.

Americans are grappling with tighter credit access, driven by changing economic conditions and regulations.

Simultaneously, the shift to early holiday shopping reflects concerns about inflation and financial stress, offering insights into evolving consumer behavior.

These trends underscore the importance of financial literacy and responsible spending in a dynamic economic landscape.

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