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The Details About Fat Bear Week

Deep within the heart of Katmai National Park, there's an event so wild it makes a grizzly's heart skip a beat and a cub's stomach rumble with anticipation.

I'm talking about the one and only Fat Bear Week, where the forest's fluffiest contenders go belly-to-belly in a tournament that even Sumo wrestlers would envy.

It's a competition where all bears are winners, but only one gets to wear the crown, or in this case, the extra layers of glorious blubber.

Why Is Fat Bear Week So Fabulous?

Fat Bear Week revolves around fat being phat in the bear world.

As winter approaches and hibernation season looms, these furry connoisseurs of coziness head to their dens.

Once inside, they declare, "I solemnly swear not to eat or drink until spring." It's a six-month sabbatical of snacking abstinence.

They can shed up to a third of their body weight during this time.

How To Watch Bears

In Katmai, the bears flock to the annual salmon smorgasbord from late June through September.

Salmon, which Katmai locals lovingly refer to as "bear fast food," has been the area's primary food delivery system for ages.

And guess what... You can watch them!!! Click Here

Meet The Winner!


Fat Bear Week Winner

Grazer picked up 108,321 votes, making her the winner,

Chunk came in second with 23,134 votes.

I don't know about you folks, but I'm ready for next year's competition already!

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