Just imagine if the internet shut down as a whole tomorrow.

The reality is that a bunch of different systems including valuable infrastructures would fail or come to a halt. Damns, electrical grids, filing systems, and forms of communication would cease to operate or exist. it would all be pretty catastrophic

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Let's forget about the doom and gloom for a sec and wonder what people would do if they didn't have internet as of tomorrow, and your smartphone just made, you know, phone calls? Let's imagine everything is now as it was BEFORE the internet as we know it.


Could it be possible in this day and age for someone to be okay with not having an internet connection?

I may be a part of the last of generation that would be okay with it after a certain amount of days/time, but my kid can't handle that at all. If I were to say there's no internet at a place we're at, my kid might go into panic mode.

As a Montanan, I think we can find things to do that don't involve the world wide web. We tend to hit the trails, go out of service areas or just shut off the phones and computers entirely to get outside, do chores and just live in the warm season.


I think in Montana we are sort of always prepared for the day internet exists and I'm pretty sure we would enjoy the silence, read a book, build a deck, or finish a project we've been putting off for the last 5 years, and we would enjoy it.

I know I would dig out my massive VHS and record collection in place of Spotify and Netflix. I'm totally prepared.

What would you do If the internet shut down tomorrow?

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