There's a Montana subreddit and it's growing?



r/Montana has been up for some time now and it's used primarily for beautiful pictures from the best parts of the state, local news, and now all sorts of questions.

I know some of you may not even know what Reddit is, it's another branch of social media that people have been using over the last twenty years, it's a pretty great source to stay ahead of news and what your friends are doing, but it's just not as buzzy or user friendly as let's say, Facebook.


Over the last year, r/Montana has been growing as more and more people are curious about our state. Some may say it's because of the show Yellowstone, could be the mass exodus people had from big cities. No matter how you look at it, more and more people are using Reddit to get the feel of Montana life.

How much has it grown?

According to another subreddit r/dataisbeautiful, The Montana subreddit is the fastest state subreddit in the country.

Thoughts on this? Increase in members of each US state subreddit in the last 12 months [OC]
byu/TheBeardyFowler inMontana











Activity has grown 23 percent in the last year.

That's in front of our neighbors Idaho and Wyoming, as well as Florida and Maine.

r/montana is a relatively small subreddit, according to a comment from a user, there was very little we had to gain to get that percentage up.

We sit at 59.7k subscribers right now, which means we only had to gain something like 11,000 accounts to reach that percentage over the last year. Meanwhile, Washington gained around 18,000 people, which is their 13% increase.

Could we have seen more traffic in the fact more users are using the actual site and not a 3rd party app to view Reddit? A lot of people including this user think so.

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