Science Says This Is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. What you might think is beautiful and what I consider beautiful can be completely different. However, using a formula called the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, researchers can use science to determine what is considered ultimate beauty.
MSU-B Coal Board Grant Restored
The Montana Coal Board voted 6-1 on Thursday at its monthly meeting to restore a half-million-dollar grant to the Montana State University-Billings Science Building. In February, the MSU-B Foundation was told by the Coal Board’s legal counsel that they made an error with the proposed…
MSUB Science Expo Saturday
The Gazette reports that students, families, and STEM– Science, Technology, Engineering and Math– supporters are invited to the 30th annual Science Expo at the Montana State University Billings campus this Saturday, March 24th, from 10 a...
Fast Food Companies Are Messing With Your Mind!
That bastard Ronald McDonald! Every time you eat fast food, you're being TRICKED into buying more than you should.  WHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTT? No wonder Colonel Sanders is dressed like a pimp. This is some serious science and a lot of thought goes into it...
How NOT to Make an Electric Gun
There's no need to offer a "Don't try this at home" warning — by the time you've watched this guy accidentally shock, burn, and shoot himself, you're unlikely to follow in his footsteps.
Woolly Mammoth Coming To Your Zoo Soon
It's about time, right? According London's Telegraph newspaper, woolly mammoths could be walking the Earth as soon as five years from now. Japanese scientists announced their intention this week to use cloning technology to bring back the ancient beast.