Have you seen that TikTok/Reel trend that starts "We're ______ we _________." Like this one: "We're introverts. We want to be invited to the party, but we probably won't go."

The Montana version of this trend would include, "We're Montanans. We own Subarus and keep them forever."

Montanans love Subarus, but we're not so precious about them that we can't poke fun at the stereotype too. Subarus may be so common in Montana because they're effective utility vehicles, and there is one famous Montana Subaru that shows just how impressive the vehicles can be.

The Most Recognizable Subaru in Montana

If you live near Bozeman, you've probably seen it. There's an older Subaru Outback that's been driving around Montana and it has a snowmobile strapped to the roof.

The sight is impressive, but possibly the best part is the stories about this SUV. The things people have said about it on social media are almost mythic.

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One person claimed he saw the car six years ago, a testament to its legacy. Some say the driver attends MSU.  One of the stories about this Subaru comes from another student who said they had a professor at Montana State who put up a picture of the car and started talking about it during class.

Maybe the most common question asked was, "How did the snowmobile get onto the Subaru?"

Digging a little further, it looks like the video was originally posted here and you'll see that they backed the Subaru up to a snowbank and drove it right on top. Still, that's pretty hardcore.

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