It's almost Earth Day and some of the activities that get attention this time of year involve cleaning up litter or planting trees. While there are ways to help the environment every day of the year, you may want to consider an activity that goes beyond recycling cardboard or composting in your local community.

Montana is home to 339 environmental organizations, according to the nonprofit metrics website Cause IQ. Of those organizations, some focus on water, others on conservation, and quite a few have other specialties. You may have a cause that's near and dear to your heart that is supported by one of these organizations.

If this Earth Day you're interested in supporting environmental efforts in Montana, here are the top 7 most popular environmental organizations according to Cause IQ.

7) Montana Conservation Corps

MCC is an organization that focuses on connecting young people to conservation efforts. In the video above, several people talk about the transformation they see in the people who participate in the organization's activities.

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6) Property and Environment Research Center (PERC)

This organization approaches improvement to the environment by "improving environmental quality through markets and property rights" according to Cause IQ. Part of their philosophy is that "incentives matter" when motivating people to practice conservation.

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5) American Prairie (APR)

"Be part of something big." It's the perfect slogan because the goal of American Prairie, aka the American Prairie Foundation aka the American Prairie Reserve is "to create one of the largest nature reserves in the United States."

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4) Greater Yellowstone Coalition

This organization specifically bolsters efforts in the Great Yellowstone Ecosystem, which covers the northern Rocky Mountains with Yellowstone National Park at its core, and is "one of the largest nearly intact temperate-zone ecosystems" according to the National Park Service.

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3) National Forest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation not only focuses on conservation, but "responsible recreation" too and works with forests and grasslands all over the country. You might be familiar with some of the National Forest Foundation's corporate partners, like Subaru, Airstream, REI Co-op, and Ford among others.

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2) Montana Land Reliance

A main feature of the Montana Land Reliance is working with land owners in the interest of conserving "agricultural lands, fish and wildlife habitat, and open space."

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1) Yellowstone Forever

WIth Yellowstone National Park being one of the most popular national parks in the country, it would only follow that Montana's most popular environmental organization would be the official partner of the park, Yellowstone Forever.

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