Our colleague Aaron Flint in Billings wrote an article yesterday asking if you can pronounce Minnesota town names.

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As a Midwest transplant, I struggled to pronounce some Montana towns and areas. I thought Ronan was pronounced "Rown-in" and not "Ro-Nan." I had no clue if Ravalli was "Reh-valley" or "Reh-vawley." Nor did I know Kootenai was pronounced "KOO-tun-ee."

The worst part is I work on the radio, so when I butchered a pronunciation I heard the blowback and read all the "that's now how you say Ronan you big dummy" text messages.


Before you go all pitchforks and torches on me, just know that Wisconsin and Montana have a lot more in common than you think. We both have good-hearted, friendly neighbors willing to help, alcohol is very prevalent and we both love our football teams.

Well, now it's my turn to test all of you on my homeland: Wisconsin. There is a hearty Native American influence in many of the towns and cities in the Dairy State. Milwaukee, the state's largest city, was a word derived from the Potawatomi Tribe. That's one of the easier ones to pronounce, so let's see how you do with the rest of these examples.

I attached some audio samples to give you the correct answer.











If you read the article attached above, how did you do on Minnesota town pronunciations VS Wisconsin's? What's your total score?

Bonus points if you can speak with an upper Midwest dialogue. Extending your oooooos and saying "bag" like "baaaaaggggg." Then you'll fit

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