If you have the artistic gift and a flare for fowl, here's a chance to get your work seen by over 35,000 hunters.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has announced the re-launching of the Migratory Bird Stamp. The complimentary new Migratory Bird Stamp will "help raise additional awareness and appreciation for wetlands and the migratory bird species that directly benefit from them."


The new stamp is also part of Montana FWPs' renewed emphasis and focus on promoting wetland habitat.  The winning artwork will be featured on a commemorative 2024 waterfowl stamp pack-age. Each year about 35,000 hunters purchase a Montana Migratory Bird License. In 2024 each of these hunters will receive a decal and postcard with the 2024 Montana Migratory Bird Stamp design.

The sale of migratory bird stamps funds game bird research, surveys, habitat improvement, and conservation projects in Montana.

Entries will be accepted now through December 31. The Wetlands Protection Advisory Council will select a winner in January, 2024. The Council is responsible for reviewing and advising Montana FWP on funding proposals for the Montana Migratory Game Bird Hunting License Program.

Art entries must feature a species of duck or goose in its natural habitat setting. The species must be identified as found in Montana per the Montana Field Guide. Naturally, there are lots of other submission requirements dealing with size, type of surface for submission, originality and much more.

If you are a person, or know people, with the talent to capture waterfowl in their splendor, this would be quite the "feather" in the cap. The winning artist will receive $2,000! Winner's work will also be featured in an issue of Montana Outdoors Magazine.

Entry form and all the rules are available here.

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