I've been noticing a lot of questions lately online about people wanting to convert their old VHS tapes over to digital, and it got me wondering... what options do we have here in Billings? Now, I'm sure nearly everyone has heard of these mail-order services, though I simply wouldn't trust my singular copy of a home video from 20+ years ago to those services. Thankfully, the Billings Public Library has surprised me again with what they offer!

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Billings Public Library Memory Lab

Did you know BPL offers a "Memory Lab", and can convert all types of old media to digital? I didn't until recently (another reason I just need to go to the Library and look around...). The Friends of the Library made a generous donation at some time in the past, allowing for the creation of this room.

Inside the Memory Lab, you'll find multiple scanner options (for documents, books, film negatives, pictures, maps, etc) along with the tools to convert VHS to a digital video file, and even the Wolverine 8mm pro to bring 8mm and Super 8 movie reels to digital.

How much does the library charge for these services?

Here's the beauty of it all... the library doesn't charge a thing. You simply need a library card, and to check the room out the day before. You DO have to do the work on your own, however for those precious irreplaceable memories... you might want to invest the time.

Where can we find out more information?

Simply click the button below to learn about all the digitizing options, and even read up on how to use them before going to the library.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer a digitized-by-mail option? Let us know on App Chat or Facebook.

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