billings public library

Billings Public Library Celebrates Banned Books Week
It's Banned Book Week and we caught up with Billings Public Library Assistant Administrator Cody Allen to chat about their policy when it comes to potentially controversial literature and why you probably won't find a book called "How to Cook Meth" at the library.
SOS! Billings Elderly Want Your Letters
Billings Public Library is promoting a fantastic idea called Send Our Seniors Mail. We're now five months into COVID-19 and one of the demographics that have been most impacted has been our elderly residents in nursing homes.
New Downtown Strategic Plan
Last Best News reports that the new Downtown Strategic Plan will be made public next Tuesday at 8 a.m. in the Royal Johnson Community Room of the Billings Public Library. It’s the product of a year’s worth of work by Billings residents and the consulting firm of Thoma…
Montana’s Real Haunted Houses
For me, visiting a good Haunted House is a must for the Halloween season. Of course, when I say haunted house I am talking about the kind that you pay to enter; complete with plenty of fake blood, latex masks, strobe lights and perhaps a chainless chainsaw...