In a bit of sad news from Billings Public Information Officer Victoria Hill, the City of Billings and Billings Public Library have announced a drunk driver attempted to drive THROUGH the Billings Public Library yesterday evening, damaging the library.

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Not A Drive-Thru

The intoxicated driver crashed into the North entrance doors on 6th Avenue North around 10:45 PM Tuesday evening.

Thankfully for the Billings Public Library, a witness saw the incident and saw the suspect drive away from the Library.

Billings Police were able to locate the driver and bring him into custody. They have taken the driver to an area hospital for injuries sustained in the crash. (We assume he will be handed over to the Yellowstone County Detention Facility afterward)

At this time, the City of Billings does not have any information on the suspect or the extent of his injuries, but they can confirm nobody (except the driver) was injured in this crash.

Thankfully for the Billings Public Library, this entrance has two sets of doors. The exterior doors, as shown in the image below, did not survive the punch from the vehicle, though the interior doors DID survive unscathed... and are now locked up tight.

If you are going to the library, please use the parking lot entrance until further notice. And the good news is... the library WILL be open on time, at 9 AM sharp, today.

The library does ask you to park your car, and walk in, however. (Ok, I added that part.)

Credit: Billings Public Library
Credit: Billings Public Library

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