Back in the day in Miles City, I remember going to Movie Gallery and being the coolest kid (more like lame, but I felt cool) by getting the chance to rent the Sega Dreamcast. These days, kids don't get to experience the moment of bringing home a game console you just rented to enjoy... or do they?

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Billings Public Library Meets Mario

In their February Announcements, Billings Public Library informed us they now offer Nintendo Switch Console Kits... in addition to their existing video game library. Did you know they had video games? I sure didn't! Seems I need to get out more...

Each kit comes with thirteen games, including Pokemon, Nintendo Sports, and more. The library makes you fill out an agreement form, which includes basic rules and such. You can take home that cool kit for 14 days at a time, which being video games aren't that long these days... you can have PLENTY of fun in that time.

What games does the library have?

A LOT. Heck, I have like... 5... for my switch. Clearly, I need to get a library card and go grab a new game this next week. You can check out the entire video game library below, including due dates.

What other non-book items can you check out?

In exploring more about BPL, they have DVDs, music, and audiobooks... it's so much more than just a library. Who knew? Again... I need to get out more.

What do you think? Did you know the library offered this? Let us know on AppChat or on Facebook.

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