Wow, I don't get it but wow. The film crew that spent two days out at the ranch doing a story on my son John released their video yesterday. It was six minutes of pride for me to watch this.

John has become an NBA2K stud and is expected to be a top-five draft pick coming up next weekend. I know, I don't get it either but it's huge across the country and growing every day.

Just within a few minutes after its release, the video had over 6,000 views.

The film crew that did the story said it's been their favorite of all documentaries that they have produced. They immediately fell in love with Montana, its splendor, and our way of life.

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The interviews with John served Montana well. It was a great testimonial for the quality of kids in our state.

I know he's turning 25 next week but he's still a kid to me and I couldn't be more proud of his character displayed in this video and how he carried himself. It shows his life, how he grew up and scenes from the ranch, and things that we do on a daily basis.

One of the things that I talked about was even though it may have not been my first choice for him, we all have to find our own path and direction and follow it. The only thing I ever asked of my kids was to try to be the best at whatever you do, work hard at it and never forget your roots and your family.

John did exactly that in this story and I think that's the part that touched me the most. The lesson stuck and it resonated with him; and for that, I am so proud...

See ya Monday at 5 a.m. (Yes, we will be here)

Watch the whole video here:


And if you have no idea what John's really involved in, here's a little explainer:

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