For many the idea of spending Christmas in Montana is quite attractive.

Whether it's time on the slopes, indulging in world-class dining, checking out some of the cool local shops, enjoying our small-town charm, or just being in the mountains, Montana is an ideal place for the holidays.

While Montana is certainly popular during the summer months with millions visiting one or both of our National Parks, we see our fair share of winter tourists as well. While people from all socio-economic backgrounds visit, it's not a huge secret that Montana is also a spot for those who might be considered a little more affluent.

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It's no surprise that areas like Big Sky, Whitefish, and other popular areas are filled with those looking for that "Montana Christmas" experience, but have you ever stopped to wonder where those folks stay?

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Montana has more than its fair share of exclusive places to stay with places like the Yellowstone Club or one of the many 5-star resorts that can be found across the state, so we decided to look at the Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels For The Holidays.

However, before we reveal the Top 5, let's take a look at 5 of the best Christmas towns in Montana

5 Best Christmas Towns in Montana

Looking for the perfect place for a winter vacation in Montana? Here are a few of the best places to visit!

Gallery Credit: Jesse James

The folks over at Trip Advisor ranked the best luxury hotels according to value in Montana to stay based on reviews from guests and the list is pretty impressive, so for those who are looking to spend Christmas in Montana and have money to spend, let's take a look at the Top 5.

  • The Summit At Big Sky The hotel offers proximity to skiing and has welcomed many famous guests, including former President Obama and current President Biden.
  • Coyote Bluff Estate This adult-only Bed and Breakfast is located near Flathead Lake and is only 40 minutes from Glacier National Park.
  • The Ranch at Rock Creek This stunning property is located in Phillipsburg and is a guest ranch with all the amenities that you could want. and is a perfect place for family and friends.
  • Lodge at Whitefish Lake This popular destination offers a spa, restaurants, hot tubs, and pools.
  • Sage Lodge The beautiful lodge is located in Pray, MT, and is only 35 minutes from Yellowstone National Park.  The lodge is in the heart of the Paradise Valley and is an outdoor lovers' dream.

Of course, many wonderful locations across Big Sky Country would be the perfect background for a holiday stay in Montana.

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