Montana has been getting quite a bit of national attention lately, and we're not talking about tourists doing dumb things in Yellowstone National Park. Instead, several restaurants in the state have been put in the spotlight on various "best of" lists.

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A popular breakfast spot in Montana is the latest to receive praise in a national publication for having the best cheap breakfast in the state. Cheapism just released a list of the best cheap breakfasts in every state, and a restaurant in Bozeman was mentioned on the list.

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Being put in the spotlight isn't always a good thing. Before we reveal the best cheap breakfast spot in Montana, here are a few restaurants in the state that closed after being featured on TV.

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Best Place For a Cheap Breakfast in Montana

Jam! in downtown Bozeman was picked as the best cheap breakfast spot in Montana. There's only one problem, it isn't that cheap. Here's what was said about Jam!

Want to start your meal with some mini house-made cinnamon rolls topped with caramel and pecans, seriously loaded hash browns, a sweet and savory chicken and biscuit Benedict, or pulled pork omelet? Head to Jam! in Montana.

The price of everything in Bozeman has become astronomically expensive in recent years. Luckily, you have a variety of different restaurants to choose from if you're craving a delicious breakfast. Check out a list of a few local favorites below.

Unfortunately, the term "cheap breakfast" doesn't really apply to many places in the Bozeman area, but you don't have to look far to find a great high-quality breakfast.

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