You've probably heard the phrase "you can't believe everything you read on the internet." Well, there's a picture circulating on social media about a radio interview with comedian and actor Jim Carrey in which he had some flattering things to say about Missoula, Montana. We did some research to find out if the story is true.

Did Jim Carrey's Car Break Down in Montana?

Hearing about celebrities in Montana is fairly common. Many high-profile figures visit the state to escape the fast pace of big city life. Recently, there was a post on social media about Jim Carrey experiencing car troubles in Missoula. Apparently, he did a radio interview and praised Missoula residents for being so helpful.

Car Breaks Down
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We decided to fact-check the story to see if the incident really took place, and here's what we found. We went to the Snopes website and asked the following question.

Did Jim Carrey's car break down in Missoula, Montana?

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Our search did yield any results. So, we asked the question on Google and were only about to find one article about the supposed breakdown. It appears that the story originated in 2017. You can see the Facebook post below.

You'd think that if the story were true, it would have been mentioned by news outlets in the state. Judging from the information we found online, the story is false. It may be heartwarming and make you feel good, but it doesn't sound like it actually happened. Remember, don't believe everything you read on the internet.

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