The state of Montana is home to several companies that have been around longer that most of us have lived here. Certain companies have earned a special place in the hearts of Montana residents. This is one of the most-loved local brands in Montana.

The Most Popular Local Brand in Montana

If you ask almost any Montanan, they'll tell you that they prefer to support local businesses over a national franchise or big box store. The state has seen an influx of new out-of-state companies that have set up shop in recent years. The state's growing population is a key factor.

Local Montana Company

With a plethora of options that are intended to make your shopping experience more convenient, Montanans will still go out of their way to support locally-owned companies.

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One of the most popular Montana companies is Wheat Montana, located just north of Three Forks on Highway 287. According to Vortex Global, the company produces over 37,000 loaves of baked goods daily, employing nearly 200 people.

The Wheat Montana Deli is a popular lunch stop for locals, weary travelers, and those craving delicious baked goods.

Wheat Montana

The History of Wheat Montana Near Three Forks

Wheat Montana has been one of the most-loved companies in Montana for a long time. Here's a brief history of the company.

Wheat Montana was founded back in the early 1990s by the Folkvord family, who had been farming wheat in the beautiful rolling hills just north of Three Forks, Montana. They wanted to share the opportunity to enjoy the same fresh flour and breads their family enjoyed with other Montanans, so they added a mill and small bakery in nearby Bozeman to their full-time family farming operation.

Town Pump is another local Montana company that has been expanding in recent years. The company is planning to open it's largest store to date in Bozeman later this year.

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