When I first heard there were foods banned in other countries I figured they'll be items I've never heard of. I was pretty shocked to learn that everyday foods that everyone in the United States has heard of and probably indulged in at some point are illegal for other countries to sell in their stores.


According to the Market Realist website, certain flavors of the popular sports drink contain Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 dyes which children are banned from having in Norway and Austria. Meanwhile, in the rest of the European Union, or E.U. those particular varieties of Gatorade must carry a warning label.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

It's those yellow dyes again that keep this guilty pleasure that Americans love banned in the UK and other British Commonwealth countries according to Market Realist.

Instant Mashed Potatoes

While not even in the same category as the comfort food real mashed potatoes have, these can do the trick however a preservative called BHA keeps them off the shelves in the UK and Japan according to the Eat This website.


They're GRRRRREAT except in the UK, Europe, and Japan where Frosted Flakes are banned according to Market Realist. This is because this and many other cereals contain the preservative BHT that's used in cosmetics and rubber products.

Little Debbie

What seems like an innocent guilty pleasure snack is okay except for the Swiss Cake Rolls. Depending on the country in the E.U. they're either banned or come with heavy warnings. The biggest reason according to Market Realist is that they contain food dyes that are deemed harmful to children including Yellow 5 and Red 40. Palm oil is another reason for the restrictions or complete ban.


Skittles are banned in Austria, Sweden, and Norway because of the Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 dye we discussed earlier. In the rest of the EU, they carry a warning label.

U.S. Pork

Cuts of meat from pigs raised in the United States often use growth hormones in farming practices called ractopamine and the US is one of a random few countries around the world that still allows it according to Eat This.

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