Van Halen and Journey were among the bands taking their next steps with new albums in 1979.

In the case of Van Halen, they'd delivered a knockout with their explosive debut album the previous year -- one which fans and critics alike were still marveling about. Van Halen II, released barely a year later in March of 1979, gave them plenty of new riffs and hooks to start absorbing.

Journey had similarly made a big impact with 1978's Infinity, which welcomed in vocalist Steve Perry, a union which immediately sent shockwaves across the radio waves as they began releasing singles from the album. Evolution arrived in March -- introducing new drummer Steve Smith -- and songs like "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" helped the San Francisco band continue their climbing success.

Pink Floyd's The Wall took stock of Roger Waters' own crumbling psyche from touring -- as well as the mental struggles of the band's exiled former associate, Syd Barrett. The double album would become a massive career-defining moment for the group -- one which would eventually be turned into a movie.

It Was Still Hard to Escape Disco Music

Kiss, Electric Light Orchestra and Talking Heads were among the groups incorporating elements of the then-popular disco movement into their sound -- some in a more subtle fashion compared to others. But there were other moments, including "I Was Made For Lovin' You" by Kiss, where the influence was more blatantly on display.

Paul McCartney and Wings reached the end of the road with the release of Back to the Egg -- which debuted a revised lineup for the band. It would also serve as the unforeseen swan song for the group, with McCartney opting to go back to being a solo artist with McCartney II less than a year after Back to the Egg was released.

There are many albums and many stories that made 1979 another exciting year to be a music fan, as you'll see from our list of 45 Albums Turning 45.

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Van Halen and Journey were among the bands taking their next steps with new albums in 1979.

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