Love happens when you least expect it.

A viral encounter between a moose and chihuahua in the yard of a home in Alaska is winning the hearts of social media.

Moose Meets Chihuahua

TikTok user @imnotsoanonymous shared a video late last month that featured her 6-pound chihuahua roaming her fenced-in yard. The little dog begins to bark as viewers see a massive moose walk into the shot.

The two greet each other from their perspective sides of the fence with both looking like they are ready to play (or maybe have a standoff).

The video has been a hit on the social media platform with more 25.5 million views in less than a week.

The brief video has spawned several TikTok duets with users offering up entertaining takes on the chihuahua/moose rendezvous.

Robert Anton Strobel is a TikToker who composes what he describes as "inspirational music." Strobel used his piano to turn the viral encounter into a sweet love story.

While the thought of the two creatures falling in love might sound like the plot of the next great Disney movie, an updated video shows there is more to this story.

Real Reason Moose Faced Off With Chihuahua

The dog's owner has since posted two more videos that provide additional context for the moose encounter.

A short time after the moose visited the yard, it returned with a baby she was likely looking to protect from that tiny-but-loud chihuahua.

The baby was actually born in the dog owner's yard.

"I thought she just bedded down, didn't realize she was having a baby until there was all of a sudden a baby," @imnotsoanonymous said in the comment section of her post.

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Mama and baby have continued to visit the neighborhood as the little one practices its walking skills.

Hopefully their chihuahua friend will be a little quieter next time.

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