Wish I had this when I was a youngster.

The Magic City Fly Fishers

This local non-profit preserves and promotes fly fishing, bringing the casual sport into school classrooms.  MCFF also advocates for conservation and stewardship of natural resources for the benefit of recreational use.

Fundraiser Tonight! May 2nd, 6:30 at the Babcock Theater!

MCFF will show a film about fly fishing, plus a silent auction of eight art pieces and six bucket raffles for prizes.  Fishing flies will be on sale for only a dollar each so you can be ready for the pleasant season outdoors.  Fly tying materials and ornaments will also be on sale.  For $10 per square, you can have a chance to win a R.L. Winston fly rod valued at $960!

This is very short notice.  If you have the evening open, here is a good social get-together to support a program for kids to get outdoors and enjoy nature near water.

Hands holding rainbow trout while Flyfishing in Colorado.
Credit: seanfboggs, Getty Images

The Fly Fishers Activities for Kids

MCFF provides education to school-age kids in this great sport.  They teach how to tie a fly, the entomology (that's the study of bugs), how to be safe around water and good stewardship of nature.

Need a summer camp for your 11 or 12 year old?   Magic City Fly Fishers sponsors the Kevin Davis Memorial camp.  Fifteen kids will spend the first days nearby at Lake Elmo learning to fly fish, then the group takes a field trip to Wild Bill Reservoir for fishing.

from Me: Can my inner child sign up?

What a great opportunity for kids.  Let's get 'em away from the screens for a time.  Please come support the Magic City Fly Fishers and the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts engaged in peaceful recreation.

These kids will have a new meaning to "going online."

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