Montana's eastern district Congressional Representative Matt Rosedale announced today on X that he has withdrawn his run for reelection. This comes after the lawmaker kept Montana guessing until the last minute if he was planning to throw his hat in the ring in the chase for a Montana senate seat, in what will surely be a showdown between incumbent Jon Tester and challenger Tim Sheehy.

If you don't care to read the post, Rosendale starts by thanking Montanans for giving him the opportunity to serve, adding that he was urged "by many" to run for Senate. Then, when he realized that funding and support wasn't where it needed to be, he dropped out.

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Now, it's rinse and repeat regarding his reelection campaign.

In today's (3/8/) statement, Rosendale said after he announced his plan to run for reelection in his current position, he and his family have been threatened with violence, including death. Screenshot below.

Screenshot via Matt Rosendale on X
Screenshot via Matt Rosendale on X

On February 26, Rosendale's camp threatened to sue a former Senator from North Dakota, regarding rumors she spread about a Rosendale affair. Rosendale's communications director told the New York Post the allegations are 100% false and defamatory.

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