Got a kid that wants to walk dogs?

Summertime is here and perhaps you've got a kid looking to make some extra money. Depending on their age, options are limited. There are not a ton of jobs available for younger kids. In Montana, youth have to be at least 14 for most jobs and they can't work in hazardous environments.

Babysitting is one option if you have a responsible pre-teen. Another might be doing yard work, picking up dog poop, or the old-timey classic lemonade stand. What about dog walking? Kids generally like dogs and they certainly have more energy than most adults.

Graphic courtesy Dog Tag Buddies, used with permission
Graphic courtesy Dog Tag Buddies/Canva, used with permission

Pet Walking for Kids 101 class is on June 10th in Billings.

It's a collaboration with the Billings chapter of Dog Tag Buddies and Montana Health and Safety Training, LLC. The class is for kids aged 10 - 14 and parents are not required to stay during the 3-hour class. The program promises a great introduction to the basic ins and outs of dog walking, including:

Pet Safety, Safety while in the Community, Pet First Aid Basics, CPR, Recognizing Pet Emergencies, starting a business for kids and much more! 

The class will be held at Dog Tag Buddies, 924 Pine Ridge Lane in Billings. Space is limited and the cost is $50. THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS 6/7. Find out more and register HERE.


Dog walking is big business.

According to industry data, dog walking was a 1.2 billion dollar industry in the United States last year, and grew by nearly 5% in 2022. My friend Nikki was a freelance dog walker in Colorado during COVID and she told me she "made bank" with just a handful of regular clients. Even if your kid decides not to become a professional dog walker, the class is great for teaching kids how to handle various scenarios when they're out walking the family pet.

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