For anyone looking for work out there, here's a bit of reality: employers are getting their first impression of you within seconds of you walking in the door, and you haven't said a word yet.  That professional attire is the first message to them that you are ready and with it.  But for women in tough circumstances, that one outfit alone can be terribly expensive.  The non-profit Dress for Success located at 333 N 31st Street in Billings can solve that obstacle.

A referral is now required to set up an appointment.  If a lady is receiving services from any of the organizations at this link Dress for Success Billings / Referral Agencies, she can ask for a referral or the participating agency may offer one.  That cooperating partner will submit the request online.  Don't worry, at this stage, won't be any questions about clothing sizes.  Once the referral is obtained, the fun starts soon.

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Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

Let's Go Shopping!!!

At the appointed time, the Boutique opens up for the lady to look for and try on a variety of clothing items to suit her taste and for the interview or occupation.  She may feel more comfortable and confident in dresses, she may prefer slacks and tops, or even a versatile combination of styles.  Whatever she wants and needs, there are articles in a variety of colors and shades to mix and match.  A volunteer will be with her to assist and guide through the experience.  The shopping will include shoes and undergarments if needed.

Her cost: nothing.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

How much clothing will she receive?  That depends on the inventory available at Dress for Success.  As of this time at the Billings store, the attire is plentiful so the job applicant with an upcoming interview can receive up to three complete outfits which, with savvy color and pattern coordination, becomes up to nine professional looks.  If the woman has been hired for the job (Congratulations!!), she can choose up to seven complete outfits which is a totally functional wardrobe while she is building a new life.

D4S offers still more.  Job hunting is hard work, so a career center is included to help build a resume, sharpen interview skills and even learn financial budgeting towards a self-sufficient future.

Dress for Success Billings accepts monetary donations and professional wear in excellent condition.

Wanna see a young lady thrive?  Then please invest in her vocational success.

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