It's Wet Nose Wednesday with Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter

Our featured pet from YVAS this week is a sweet older dog named Lobster. He's a German Shepherd mix and he's nine years old. Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter occasionally works with other shelters around Montana (and the US) to help pets find loving homes. Lobster, a victim of an abusive situation, recently arrived in Billings from a shelter in Great Falls and he's ready to adopt today at YVAS.

Lobster snuggles in for a kiss with Derek. Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM
Lobster snuggles in for a kiss with Derek. Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM

Older dogs deserve happy homes too.

As someone who recently adopted a puppy from Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, I can attest that there's much to be said regarding the benefits of adopting a mature dog. Adult dogs rarely destroy shoes or furniture. They probably won't poop and pee all over your house, and they don't have sharp little puppy teeth that love to nibble on fingers and toes.

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Lobster qualifies for the seniors for seniors program at YVAS. Older dogs can be adopted by humans aged 60+ at a discount the equivalent of their age. For example: if you're 62, you can adopt Lobster for 62% off.

Lobster. Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM
Lobster. Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM

Despite his age, Lobster is very alert and active.

During his visit on Wednesday, Lobster sniffed around and explored every inch of our studios. He knows how to sit on command and he's quite affectionate. His reddish coat features a beautiful dark stripe down the middle of his back, and the wingtips around his eyes are on point.

He's a large dog with a lapdog spirit. While active, he does appear to have some early arthritic symptoms in his hind quarters, a common health issue with older German Shepherd breeds.

See Lobster's full bio and browse all the pets currently up for adoption at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter HERE.  Thank you, Shipton's Big R for supporting animal adoption in the Billings area.

Did you know about the capital campaign at YVAS?

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter recently received a whopping, $2 million donation. Derek Wulf, Humane Outreach Coordinator at YVAS, explained that the donation will take them one step closer to breaking ground on a new facility for the shelter, as they've outgrown their current building. Their fundraising goal is $12 million and as of now, they're about halfway there.

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