It seems just about every week we're writing about another local business within the Billings area closing down for good. Occasionally, we get to write about a brand-new opening... but it is more closures than openings this year so far. This time, it's a Billings Heights business that is moving away.

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Sushi No More

A post on the Billings Customer Service Watchdog page appeared yesterday referring to Okinawa Sushi & Asian Bistro, at 1414 Main in the Heights.

That post was straight to the point...

What happened to Okinawa Sushi in the Heights?!

A flood of comments started coming in, with multiple locals informing everyone the owner closed the doors one final time on Monday night, October 30th.

The reason, as shared by many faithful customers, was the owner has chosen to take some time off to move and be with family, and then reopen the restaurant in Texas (where it is assumed his family lives).

We attempted to reach out to the ownership today, however, the phone rang continuously and never went to voicemail.

So... What Now?

Who knows what will end up in that location in the Heights... Especially sad considering just a few weeks ago, the Heights lost Off Main Deli (they moved to Downtown, in the Medical corridor).

We wish the owner well in the future, and although there are many options in Billings, losing one always does hurt.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think should replace Okinawa? Another Sushi business? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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