O the month of May, the merry month of May

This line from the poem by 16th century dramatist Thomas Dekker inspired a category for Wednesday Night Trivia at the Grandstand Sports Bar in Billings.  These questions involve the name Mary.  How many do you know?  Can scroll down for the answers.

1. Mary Ann Summers was the country girl next door, and the crush of just as many boys as for Ginger, on what sitcom from 1964-67?

2. Mary Martin was a stage actress who flew around the stage and on TV as what fantasy character?

3. Mary Poppins was the nanny for the children of what family? Banks, Bertrum, Bird, or Binnacle?

4. Newlywed Mary Bailey gave her husband George their $2,000 honeymoon cash, and saved the bank, in what holiday classic film?

5. What is the traditional alcohol in a Bloody Mary?

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6. Who's the Mary in the center of all the action and intrigue, in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code?

7. Fill in the Blank with a metal: Mary, Mary, quite contrary / How does your garden grow? / With _____ bells and cockleshells / And pretty maids all in a row.

8. Who's the famous actress Mary who played the character Mary Richards in a 70s sitcom, working in a television newsroom with boss Lou Grant?

9. Mary Pickford was a silent film star at the same time as Charlie Chaplin. She and her husband Douglas Fairbanks built a mansion and estate in Beverly Hills.  What name was given to the luxurious home?  The answer is two syllables, one from her last name and one from his last name.

10. What was First Lady Mary Lincoln's maiden name, which she kept as a middle name when she married Abraham Lincoln?

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the Answers

1.  Gilligan's Island.  And yes, I crushed on Mary Ann.

2.  If you thought Tinkerbell, you're close.  Mary Martin played Peter Pan.

3.  Banks

4.  It's a Wonderful Life

5.  Vodka

6.  Mary Magdelene

7.  Silver

8.  Mary Tyler Moore

9.  Been piecing syllables together?  The answer is Pickfair.

10.  Todd.  Hence, Mary Todd Lincoln

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