Support for mental health in the state of Montana has notoriously been low, which is evident from other articles we've written regarding our mental health problems statewide. The United States Department of Labor is about to help alleviate one of the issues that Montanans with mental illnesses have, and that is getting employment support.

Work can be Hard to Obtain with Mental Illness

A study done by Rutgers University says that a massive 90 percent of people with serious mental illnesses are unemployed and rely on Supplemental Security Income and Social Security to make ends meet. This can actually exacerbate stress and anxiety, but it can be extremely difficult for a company to hire someone with a serious mental illness because it can be a liability for them.

However, it's important to note that mental illnesses are categorized the exact same as physical disabilities when it comes to workplace discrimination. So, once folks with mental illnesses have a job, their quality of life tends to improve because of increased income and ability to gain insurance and important healthcare. So, getting a job is super important for those with mental health issues.

What is the Support Montanans with Mental Illness are Getting?

The United States Department of Labor has selected Montana, as well as 6 other states, to receive federal support for employment outcomes. As outlined in their press release, the DOL has designed an initiative that, "provides states with tailored and targeted technical assistance to expand evidence-based practices, such as the Individual Placement and Support model of supported employment."

The program, called the Advancing State Policy Integration for Recovery and Employment initiative (ASPIRE) will give the state the ability to provide resources to place those with mental health conditions within the workforce.

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This new program will benefit those with mental health conditions in Montana, and I think it's absolutely necessary. What do you think about this new initiative taking place in the Treasure State? Let us know on Facebook or on our mobile app.

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