In recent years, I have opted to avoid shaking hands with the majority of people I come in contact with. During COVID, my employer at the time strongly encouraged stopping the gesture, and switching to the elbow bump... and we all did. In the post-covid pandemic era, is a handshake still necessary?

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According to the Montanans we polled via our social channels, the majority say YES. What is their reasoning? Here are a few responses, for and against handshakes:

Kevin Hodge kept it short and simple:

It's a must and look the person in the eyes when you do it.

Mallory Riddle points out the elephant in the room:

Lots of men don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom so I'd rather not.

Clara Stahl adds:

Very Much SOO, all the while looking that person in the eyes

Serena Grundhauser remembers her Grandfathers thoughts on handshakes:

I think so. My grandfather always said you could judge a person's character by their handshake. It gives you a first impression of the person. If they grip your hand too hard or shake too vigorously, they probably have a more aggressive personality. Like wise if they are too soft in their grip, chances are that they are timid or more of a "yes" man. Plus most of the time you can tell if a person works with their hands or has a desk job just by a handshake.

And that is just a preview. For me? I don't shake your hand unless I absolutely MUST (and that is few and far between). Why? Honestly, the same reason that Mallory presented.

I don't know what you've touched, and I don't want it on my hands. Plus, I get tired of washing my hands non-stop. That was annoying enough during COVID.

What is my solution? It's simple. I just say hello with a smile. Being genuine, looking them in the eye, and showing them respect shouldn't require a handshake. But that's my thoughts.

What are your thoughts? We may have to follow up on this. Send me a message in the app.

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