Don't do this.

People are now reportedly huffing fumes from onions in an attempt to rid themselves of the coronavirus.

Yes, someone actually thought that this would work and put it on the internet and now medical professionals are saying that this does NOT work and it could be harmful to inhale such.

This practice has become very popular in areas like Asia and people are cutting onions in half and holding them against their nose and mouth. Then, inhaling fumes emitted from the onion.

The idea that fumes from onion can kill the coronavirus was fact-checked and one doctor explained that this practice is ineffective.

So, if you see the meme below circulating on Facebook, ignore it and continue scrolling. Furthermore, I'd remind you that social media isn't the best place to seek medical advice.

Here's the meme that has many medical professionals saying to ignore if you see it in your Newsfeed.


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