It's as much a matter of when as where.  First of all...

What is Quigleyville?

It's the encampment that rises out on a flat for the Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match.  Out on the Lee Ranch north of Forsyth, campers arrive throughout the week leading up to the shooting match on Father's Day weekend.  Specialty businesses show up and erect tents and canopies along Traders Row, including gun and parts shops and even a frontier ladies dress shop.

Couple food trucks provide quick meals.  There is a water truck for fires and an ambulance for medical emergencies.  There will a church service Sunday morning.

The Forsyth Rifle & Pistol Club sets up the headquarters to sign up and organize participants for the match.  Up to 600 shooters from over 30 states and a couple countries arrive to fire buffalo rifles at steel targets up to 875 yards away.  Each shooter may bring spouses, kids, friends and dogs.  Soon Quigleyville has a population approaching 1,500, nearly as many as live in Forsyth.

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How Do I Get to Quigleyville?

Sure you are welcome to come see the town and the shooting.  Here are the directions.

Take the I-90 exit at west Forsyth, mile marker 93.  That will put you on Highway 12 to Vananda.  Feel free to go into Forsyth to pick up anything you need.  Drive north on Highway 12 only about half a mile to the Cartersville Road, then turn right.  There should be a buffalo sign saying Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match and a arrow.

Follow the gravel road and watch for the signs to direct you to Quigleyville.  After only a few miles a big microwave tower should be on your right.  Shortly after that is a steep descent down a ridge; slow down and drive carefully.  At the bottom you will see the encampment in the distance.

What You Won't Find in Quigleyville

No bars; you can go into Forsyth for a drink.  No electricity or solar panels; hope your batteries are full.  Hope your camper has a shower.  Smartphone coverage is a good question.  No bank, so bring cash; some vendors will accept cards.

One more recommendation: please be ready for all weather conditions.  The Quigley Match has seen hot & windy days and cold, rainy days.  It has tried to snow some years.  Expect wind and dust.

All the same, please come over to meet with great Americans and overseas guests who appreciate our great state and the freedoms in America.

More information on the Quigley Match website.  See you there.

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