For you gun and ammo enthusiasts out there- what is going on in the marketplace of smokeless powder? Gary Marbut with the Montana Shooting Sports Association filled us in with a recent update sent out to MSSA members. 

Marbut if the President of the MSSA. He told members that Alliant Powders suspended shipments of their lines of smokeless powders for reloading. Alliant is the source of such old standards as Bullseye, Unique, and 2400, as well as the more modern Reloader series of powders," Marbut added.

Citing the need for munitions needed for the ongoing war in Ukraine, Marbut says that the propellant needed to produce artillery rounds is the same propellant needed for small arms.

When it comes to Alliant Powders in particular, Marbut says Alliant is owned by Vista Outdoor, which owns several other companies that produce loaded ammunition like CCI, Federal, and Remington.

"Because the ammunition manufacturers under the Vista umbrella are stressed to obtain the propellants they need for their production, Vista appears to have made the business decision to commit all of the Alliant propellant capacity to Vista ammunition manufacturers.  Thus Alliant's withdrawal from shipment and sales of propellants for reloading," says Marbut.

Marbut added, "The ammunition marketplace seems to be coming out of a shortage of loaded ammunition, and a shortage of small arms primers.  Prices are relaxing from the highs seen recently and retail shelves are mostly well stocked.  However, Alliant's withdrawal from the reloading powder market will likely put stress on supplies of propellant for reloaders.  Further, reloaders who have worked up and used favorite loads of Alliant powders may need to shift to using other brands and products."

Click here to read Marbut's full update which I later found on the website.





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