Today's news: SB99 passes the Montana Senate on 3rd reading.

Bills protecting kids and healthcare workers are advancing in the Montana Legislature. This, as the radical Left is pushing transgender surgeries and other life-altering treatments for children.

The Montana Legislature is moving forward on efforts to protect Montana kids from life- altering surgeries being promoted by the radical Left's transgender agenda. The legislature is also advancing a bill that would protect Montana doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers so they can't be forced into taking part in these types of procedures. 

SB 99 is a bill by State Senator John Fuller (R-Kalispell) that protects kids from having healthy body parts removed at a young age. That legislation just passed the Montana Senate on 3rd reading Wednesday afternoon with 30 senators voting in support, and 20 voting against. The bill now heads to the House.

HB 303 is the bill by State Rep. Amy Regier (R-Kalispell) that protects doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers and their rights of conscience. This legislation is especially important for healthcare workers who do not want to be forced into performing abortions or sex change surgeries on little kids. HB 303 passed the Montana House with a big majority earlier this week in a vote of 63-33 and now heads to the Senate.

Here's how Jeff Laszloffy with the Montana Family Foundation described HB 303 in a legislative update on the radio this week:

Jeff Laszloffy: House Bill 303- A bill to allow medical personnel to refuse to perform certain procedures based on their conscience or religious beliefs. These could include abortions, certain stem cell therapies using stem cells from aborted fetuses, transgender procedures that involve the amputation of perfectly healthy body parts, or the administration of high doses of hormones that can leave transgender teenagers sterile for life. These are just a few examples. But as technology rapidly increases, medical ethicists are struggling to keep up, and that leaves the conscience of the doctors themselves as the last line of defense.

You can listen to Jeff's latest update about halfway through the below 6A hour podcast below:

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