Montana needs to step up our game when it comes to providing support for our law enforcement personnel, and the families of fallen or wounded law enforcement personnel.

State Senator Barry Usher (R-Billings) agrees. That's why he is now pushing legislation in the state legislature to do just that.

We caught up with Sen. Usher shortly after the Montana State Senate broke for their one week transmittal break. One of the bills he wanted to highlight is SB 294, a bill that would create a "Montana End of Watch Trust."

Many of us would be shocked to find out that a grieving spouse, shortly after finding out that their loved one was killed in the line of duty, would get a phone call letting them know that they would now be losing their health care coverage too.

Sen. Usher: I happened to meet Jodi Moore, Deputy Moore's widow, and also Deputy Allmendinger's widow and found out that when their spouse passed away in the line of duty- they got phone calls and letters saying that unfortunately the health care policy holder has passed away. So your insurance for you and your kids will expire at the end of the month. And I kind of scratched my head. And I said, that's heartless- one, and two- what do we do?

The bill passed third reading in the Senate last week and will now be transmitted to the House. Senator Usher expects the bill to be expanded to also help provide for families of officers that have been severely wounded on the job.

We also talked about the need to support law enforcement and first responders who are dealing with post traumatic stress, and more.

Here is the full audio of our conversation with Sen. Usher:

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