This spring has been fairly normal weather here in Billings, however in the last week, we got a wave of warm weather. It's been exactly 20 years since we hit 80 degrees on April 11th, and seeing those temperatures is extremely rare in April!

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Record Breaking

According to, the highest-ever temperature recorded in April was April 20th, 1980, and April 29th, 1939... both at 90 degrees. WOW. Certainly WARM for this time of year. Though, the last time we had any record temperatures recorded in April wasn't that long ago.

During the COVID pandemic, in 2021, April 1st and April 4th both broke records, reaching 73 degrees on the 1st and 77 on the 4th.

Tons of Seasons

Funny enough, people NOT from Montana simply don't know there are more than 4 seasons. Yes, we have Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall... but in reality, any true Montanan will tell you we have more than that.


@swellcchrissyp Just lock your doors at night. #montana #montanagang #406 #treasurestate #bigskycountry #yeti #season #winter #snow ♬ original sound - Christian W. Poole

Ok, maybe we don't have Yeti Season. But we do have...

  • Winter
  • Fake Spring
  • Winter, Again
  • 2nd Fake Spring (Where we were a few days ago)
  • Winter, Again, Again
  • Road Construction & Muddy Mess
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Sweltering Summer
  • Fall-ish
  • Fall (For a Month or so)
  • Pre-Winter

It's always a wild adventure for the weather in Montana. After 30 years here, I've seen thermometers well past 110, and others froze from 50+ below temps.

What are your thoughts? Are you ready for summer? Did I miss a season? Let us know on App Chat or Facebook.


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