While Americans merely get some Mila Kunis cleavage and a bit of her inner thigh on the April 2012 Harper’s Bazaar cover, readers of Harper’s Bazaar España (that’s Spain, gringos) get a full-on bottomless shot of a Victoria’s Secret model.

Brazilian hottie Izabel Goulart (who we happily confuse with her fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel and Brazilian hottie Alessandra Ambrosio) graces the magazine’s cover in an Emilio Pucci (airquotes) “dress” — which is no more than a bullfighter-like jacket — and… strapped high heels. Don’t go looking for any fabric in between the two; there is (happily) none.

The graphic designer spares no expense — they took out an A — to make room for as much of her skin from her belly button to her soles as possible.  Sadly, it’s a profile shot, so you get more leg (and one cheek) than anything, but who’s complaining?

¡Gracias Harper’s Bazaar!


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