Jeff Bridges, aka "the Dude", announced this week that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma and will start treatment immediately. The 70-year-old actor has been in a ton of movies, but most of us would likely name the 1998 Cohen brothers film 'The Big Lebowski' as one of our favorites. Writing this story makes me want to mix a White Russian and watch the film again. Such a great movie.

Bridges fell in love with Montana years ago, when he met his now-wife Susan while filming a scene at Chico Hot Springs for the 1975 movie 'Rancho Deluxe'. According to, she was working as a waitress at Chico and Jeff "just had to meet her." Susan reportedly had two black eyes from a car accident at the time, which intrigued Bridges even more.

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Jeff Bridges' property in Paradise Valley has some fairly unique movie props from one of his movies. More accurately, set-pieces, and not exactly small trinkets from a film. Jeff actually has three entire movie set buildings on his Montana ranch from the cinematic flop, 'Heaven's Gate', including the whorehouse, cabin and barn from the 1980 western. reported in 2010 that when director Michael Cimino asked if anyone wanted the buildings, Jeff jumped on the opportunity, saying,

We disassembled the buildings, numbered the logs, put them on a flatbed truck, and drove 200 miles south to my and (wife) Susan’s ranch.

Since that time we’ve added to the buildings a bit, but the core of the main house is built around the Hog Ranch. The bullet holes (from the film) are still in the walls.

Cheers to The Dude and I wish him a successful treatment and speedy recovery. While you may not agree with his political views, he seems like a genuinely nice person who has an obvious, longtime love for Montana. Can you blame him?

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