For the past year, there's been one big question surrounding a potential 'Justice League' movie: how do you possibly compete with the likes of 'The Avengers'? Well, it looks like Warner Bros. may finally have a game plan: they want to bring back Christian Bale as Batman. And that's not all.

Latino Review has been breaking superhero movie news left and right for the past few years, but if this update is true, it may be one of their biggest stories ever. According to the site's infamous (and frighteningly reliable) El Mayimbe, Warner Bros. is not only courting Bale to return to the role that made him a superstar, they've made 'The Dark Knight' director Christopher Nolan the "godfather" of the new DC movie universe, meaning that everything that goes on with 'Justice League' (and beyond) will go through him in some capacity.

And that's still not all!

The studio also seems to feel so good about the upcoming 'Man of Steel' that they're making director Zack Snyder another mainstay in their superhero universe...and possibly positioning him as the director of 'Justice League,' where he'll get to team up Henry Cavill's Superman and Bale's Batman. That sound you just heard was every fanboy's brain exploding.

What do you think? Does a Nolan produced, Snyder directed, Bale and Cavill starring 'Justice League' sound like best way to handle to cinematic DC universe? For more details, click on link above or watch El Mayimbe lay it all out for you in the video below.

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