Learning how to fish is something that most of us probably take for granted. For me, it was my grandpa Wally who usually took me and my siblings fishing, with my uncle Monte a close second. Both are now passed, but I'll cherish those childhood fishing days forever. Many kids in the Billings area may not have those fatherly-fishing types of people in their lives. If you've got a kid that's interested in fishing, the Billings and Heights Kiwanis Fishing Jamboree is a great place to learn.

Michael Foth - Townsquare Media
Michael Foth - Townsquare Media

The Fishing Jamboree is Saturday, June 11th at Riverfront Park.

Now in its 26th year, the free event is for kids between 5 and 12 years old. No license is required and all kids must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian. The jamboree starts at 9 am and concludes with a free hamburger or hotdog lunch at noon. Worms are provided at no cost from the Pryor Creek Bait Company. Volunteers from various local fishing organizations will help kids bait their hooks and release the fish (the event is catch-and-release only). If you have your own fishing gear, please bring it. If you don't, a limited number of rods and reels are available to use.

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Little Boy Catching a Fish
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What kind of fish are in Josephine Pond at Riverfront Park?

I spoke with Event Chair Jim Tarr who said you never know what you might catch in the relatively shallow pond, but the most commonly caught fish during past Jamborees are smallmouth bass and other sunfish. He said a kid caught an 8" bass one year, which is quite respectable. The water level in the pond looks good this year and attendees should prepare for a warm day on Saturday with sunscreen and hats. Bug spray is probably a good idea.

You can pre-register for the event at Cabela's, the Billings Family YMCA, or online HERE. Day of registration is also available at Riverfront Park.

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