Government Plans Ban On Cigarette Shop Displays
Peter Macdiarmid,Getty Images

It's Christmas Eve, everything worth a darn has already been scooped up. What do you do? You can't show up empty handed. Don't fret. There are gifts at your favorite convenient store.

Look, it's not ideal but it is better than nothing. Heck, I'd take these three gifts because something is always better than nothing. Don't show up without a gift or face the wrath of the family or friends in attendance at your party.

1.  Lottery tickets - If they win with them even better.

2.  Booze - Beer or wine, no one ever considers this a bad gift.

3.  Hangover kit - Perfect for Christmas morning. Just grab some aspirin and a hangover drink.

OK, you might catch a little ridicule because you shopped at the convenience store, but the point is, you shopped. They got something didn't they?

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