With the snow falling tonight, I realized my apartment had reached just below 60 degrees. I haven't turned the heat on yet this fall, however it's finally time. And I'm not happy about it.

1-Bedroom Apartment Costs

In my apartment, I have the luxury (and curse) of electric floorboard heating. It is super easy to use, works very well, and is silent. However, it comes at a high cost. Sure, I don't have to pay for gas... as everything is electric... but the power bill spikes as soon as it comes on.

Here's my usage over the last 12 months I've lived in this apartment.

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM

Full transparency: I have Northwestern Energy.

I moved in last October, which really didn't count, but I now have one full year of usage. It's just me in this apartment, with a fan that never turns off (except for cleaning) and my computer that gets turned on when I come home, until around Midnight, when it is turned back off.

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Figuring Out The Chart

According to that chart, I somehow managed to use just shy of 400 kWh(Kilowatt-hour) of energy in November 2021. Yet, in December 2021, it DOUBLED. Sheesh! How can I use twice as much energy? Well...

Remember those electric floorboard heaters? Yeah. Cool, easy to use.. but extremely inefficient. I have separate units for my living room/kitchen, and one in my bedroom. All three were engaged from December to late March, and it shows. And with the even colder temps in January and February 2022, it had to work even harder to heat the apartment to a reasonable 68 degrees (at least, I think that is fair).

What does that look like in dollars?

Here's the breakdown in actual money:

  • November 21: $48.67
  • December 21: $88.23
  • January 22: $111.78
  • February 22: $110.89
  • March 22: $95.14
  • April 22: $89.58
  • May 22: $69.01 (nice)
  • June 22: $56.29
  • July 22: 51.06
  • August 22: $65.15
  • September 22: $60.97
  • October 22: $59.47
  • November 22: $50.64

Interesting stuff there if you ask me. One question... how is Feb 22 cheaper than Jan 22... when I used more power? That is yet to be determined, but is my fault for not watching the power company...

Why share this information?

It's simple. Transparency in pricing can help YOU find discrepancies, and potentially save money... or you never know, YOU may help ME save money. Every dollar counts these days. And it's a reminder to you... your power bill may double this month.

Above POV: Me, checking my power bill next month.

What does your power bill look like? Are you as fortunate (unfortunate?) to have electric heating? Let me know in the app.

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