I don't know how you feel about new rock or if you're into live shows but this band from down under is amazing.  Why do I like them? When was the last time you saw a didgeridoo on stage? Yes, these guys feature a didgeridoo. You can see the video below.

Now, 'Like A Storm' is a little heavier than some of the stuff on the Hawk but it's good new rock. You understand that, some of the new stuff is well, I'm not sure you can call it music. And now I'm making myself sound old.

Thought that this might be a band that you overlooked at the Pub Station but you shouldn't because they put on a great show. Who knows? Yhey might inspire you to pick up a didgeridoo. See 'Like A Storm' at The Pub Station July 19th.

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    Love The Way You Hate Me

    Best thing about this track, sounds just like the video live.

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    Wish You Hell

    This is the track that put them on the map.

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