I don't know how you feel about new rock?  And I agree that some of it is terrible.  But some of it is really good.  If your into the new rock, don't miss Like A Storm at the Pub Station next week.

These New Zealand rockers use a didgeridoo on stage.  Yeah!  When was the last time you saw some musician pull one of those out on stage.  Not only that, seen them three times and they never disappoint.  If you like the heavier stuff, you'll love these guys.

Most of us were lucky enough to go to Boston last week, great show.  But if you find a new band that you like, it's important to support them.  Go to a show, buy their music, like their facebook page.  Without them, what's the future of rock look like?

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    Wish You Hell

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    Love The Way You Hate Me