Dick and Betty Wojcik live in Josephine Crossing, a cute porching community located at the end of Mullowney Lane here in Billings. The neighborhood is very quite, cute and family oriented; not a place where crime happens. However, one morning the Wojcik's noticed that their beloved gnome had gone missing. Assuming it had been stolen they let it be.

Then, one week later, the gnome reappeared in their yard. After weeks of discussion about who took it and why they brought it back another mysterious thing appeared in their yard next to the lawn gnome: a photo album! The Wojcik's gnome had not been stolen, it had been taken on VACATION! And by the looks of it, a nice one! He went to the beach, went sailing, drank some beers, went scuba diving and soaked up a lot of sun.

Here are the photo's that the Wojcik's daughter, Laura Ketterling, sent to me! This is one lucky son of gnome!

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