If you are like me, love your music, have a ton of albums but don't have a turntable set up, (not enough room), then you listen to CDs.

Well, I guess a lot of people like those iPads that you can stick a thousand songs in but, me, I wanna touch my music. What I'm gettin' at is that it can be tough to find some of that old music on CD.

Pavlov's Dog comes to mind as well as a band called Dust. Well, I finally found a place that can get some of those old treasures. All you have to do is call them up and see if they can get them for ya.

Ernie November at 919 Grand Ave. in Billings is the place. Their phone number is (406) 248-5821.

They are very helpful and take the time to help you out. So, if you are looking for some old tunes, this is where I recommend you stop first, It might be your last stop as well.